Curious Audio Clips 

Listen to and read more about data from past investigations...

Each set contains a full, unedited clip and then a shortened one to highlight the audio in question (ex: 2.1)

Same Male Voice...The clips below are from 2 different locations, 5 days apart.

The two clips above are from the first location.  Only 2 women at this location.  Any other people would have been @700 ft. + away.

The two clips above are from the 2nd location 5 days later with only 3 women present and no one else around for miles.

Disembodied Voice...The clip below demonstrates a young voice that was heard in real time

After a man says "Don't worry I can't see in the dark", another says "OK" - then listen for a quick, young voice (almost was cut off in play-back and re-record) - then hear a lady ask "That was an EVP, though right?"

Paine House - Coventry, RI June 2011 - 

After the one of the 3 ladies wonders if what was heard was from a car - you will hear a male? voice

Our team members were passing through the gift-shop area of the museum and you hear several people talking.  @.6/main clip - listen for a loud male voice (not known to be anyone present).

Towards the beginning of this clip - does this sound familiar? - Perhaps like the previous clip?

You hear one investigator re-affirming an historical name associated with the property, after she says "Francis, right?" - listen for a whispery answer.

If you are interested in historical artifacts, we highly suggest you visit the Paine House Museum -
If you are interested in the paranormal & would like to tour the museum,  please visit our friends at RiseUp Paranormal -and go to their "Upcoming Events " page -  - We sincerely thank the Coventry Historical Society for allowing such a great opportunity for those of us interested in the paranormal.  A specail thanks to RiseUp for hosting these great events.

USS Salem - Quincy, MA July 2011 - Private night tour

Everyone's talking...When you hear the female investigator ask "What?"  Listen for a young voice

The man leading the tour asked if recorder was still recording and investigator responds that she always keeps recorder rolling...@.7/clip - hear young voice again??

While an investigator talks - @.3/main clip, hear young voice and @ .7/main clip, you hear at least similar young voice again.

Please visit this Naval gem if you get an opportunity to do so.  You can also access information for the "ghost" tours at the following link -

Fort Adams - Newport, RI  May & September 2012 - Private invitation

After investigator asks question, listen @ .11/main clip.  'Was just her and one man present.

Listen at very beginning then again @ .3/main clip - sounds like a young voice...just adults present.

During the discussion, listen for a female-type voice @ .5/main clip.

Interested in a ghost hunt at the fort?  -  For more information about Fort Adams: