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Ipswich, MA - June 2011 

Private Residence

This investigation was referred to us by a fellow investigation team.  The duplex was built @ 1927 by a local mill company.  No published information of renters was available.  The local historian could not find any particular informations for this address nor anything near it.  Only homeowners are researchable, but since this property was always a rental, that meant we were not privy to information on those renters.

The client contacted us claiming the activity was sufficient enough that she and her kids moved out of the home only coming to the home to pick up kids after school.  It didn't start out that way.  No activity was experienced and everything was peaceful until nearly a year had gone by. At that time, activity started lightly.  At first, they noted hearing someone walking in a room on the 2nd floor, which was witnessed by a visiting family member as well.  Soon, feelings of "someone" else was there with them began to affect the children.  It was also reported that the teen could often see a black shape or figure in the corner of his bedroom and at one point was scratched.  Meanwhile, the middle child refused to spend time in his bedroom and would no longer sleep alone.  It was reported that a picture of a light shape/figure was captured in the baby's room.  Within a few months of activity beginning, they reportedly  contacted a person claiming to be a medium who reported coming into contact with an angry spirit in the basement.  A local priest came to bless the home. Activity reportedly continued.  The family no longer stayed on the property, sleeping at a family member's home and only inside their own home before and after school.  The client made arrangements to completely move out of the home once school ended.  They wanted an investigation on the property prior to moving to see if there was a way to tell if "whatever" was there would try to follow.

Upon the interview, we approached this investigation with caution, for there were signs that there could be reasons other than paranormal causing them to "experience" the things they reported.  The night of the investigation we arrived, met with our client, set-up our equipment and took preliminary meter readings and photos.  We broke into 3 teams of two.  The night was a quite one.  We didn't witness anything except two men on the same team reported seeing a quick "ball" of light in the basement at separate times, but we couldn't say that it wasn't naturally caused by some sort of reflection either.  I was wearing an amplified microphone and did seem to hear soft whispers a couple of times (different than the other natural sounds of the home and people present).  There were no remarkable spikes in temperature or other meter readings.  We left that night thinking the home was quiet as could be.  We didn't capture anything in photos or in video.  I did, however capture some very interesting audio (see below).
We met with the client to "reveal" our thoughts, concerns and

interesting audio clips.  During this meeting, we ran another recorder.  During audio play-back we heard obvious foot-steps above us in a room we verified no one was physically present.  They were so clear and loud, that we could hear it was a person with a limp - unfortunately due the placement of my recorder, it didn't pick up any of those sounds.  I did get  more audio that day as well (see IP 2 A&B below - coming soon).

Based on audio captured and the footsteps heard, there was activity in that home.  We felt confident that "what-ever" was there was not interested in following the family to their new home.  In conversations with the family after their move, it would appear that they no longer live with activity.  The children are still struggling to deal with their fears of the previous home.  We provided contacts for the family to seek help with these issues.

Curious Audio from Investigation

In these 2 clips, only 2 ladies were present in the stairwell.  Listen to the male voice.

In these 2 clips, the same 2 ladies (only) were were in a laundry room.   Listen to the young voice.

This duplex was more interesting than we ever believed to be the night of the investigation.

The basement was old.  Two investigators may have witnessed a light anomaly, but not certain.

A lot of the investigation centered in this room.  We did capture some audio.

We did read from this Bible.  No obvious data resulted.

Again, the same 2 women alone on the 2nd floor in a bedroom (same room we heard footsteps @ reveal) and after one lady asks for it to speak louder, listen for the "response".

Curious Audio from the Reveal....

Looking up one of the stairwells.  Black mass is not paranormal.

We were playing audio pieces to the family at the other side of the kitchen...over all that noise and us talking, you hear something very odd - kind of sounds like "Big Bird"???  'Have played this for several people in the field, and as of yet, can not get a clue as to what this might be.  'Not certain this is paranormal, but is odd none-the-less.

As the investigator is leaving and is just opening the porch door to exit, right before you hear the door, do you hear a male voice?