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UFOs and Cryptozoids

Linda Dantonio

East Ghost Paranormal hasn't had a case come in regarding issues involving either any UFOs or a Cryptozoic creature.  The fact is, though we have some locations in New England that report such activity, there just isn't a lot of these locations around here.  I'm no going to pretend I know a lot on these matters - yet.  For now, these are our thoughts.


These two subjects are very different from each other in the obvious ways, but in respect, they are also very similar.  Both involve a physical matter, whether an unidentified flying object or ship, an alien-being, or mythical creature or "monster".  Though these are physical things or beings, they may actually be harder to prove and may be less accepted by the public, in general.  How can they be harder to prove? I think it's due to the fact that most of the "evidence" collected are photographs and videos.  As I have said before in other articles, it is very difficult to present anything in photographic or video form due to the fact, that most have other explanations.  Also, unless someone would risk getting close enough to an alien ship, an alien being, a "sasqwatch" or any other pyhysical creature to get a quality picture or video, we won't get anything that others could say is anything but a UFO or a creature.  


We, in the paranormal field, are so dedicated to finding answers to all these phenomena that don't appear to have logical explanations, we go out in search of such things.


It is my opinion, that even though I haven't experienced such a sighting, I do believe their existence it is entirely possible.  There are just too many questions, too many witnesses and too many records going back hundreds, if not thousands of years to deny the possibility.  As our study of ghosts-spirits-entities have proven that things do happen that just have no physical explanation - at least not yet, I have to believe this part of the paranormal must have something happening too.  As par for the course in the paranormal world, these studies need to be done to try to eliminate the question of credibility.  This is something difficult, since they don't "live" with us as many of the ghost-type anomalies may do.  It would appear, and makes sense - at least when speaking of creatures- they live, interact and move around in very remote locations that may provide their own dangers in an of themselves.  These remote locations would make it very difficult to get frequent reports an opportunities to get credible "evidence".


East Ghost Paranormal looks forward to an opportunity to investigate such activity as well as dedicating more study in this matter.

On a further note...


Believe it or not, it seems a strong number of people in our field are indicating that they believe theories like multi-universes or time travel/time jumps may have the most significant answers when it comes to the discussion of UFO, alien, Big Foot, etc. subjects.  Certainly, things of this nature would explain the lack of evidence.  Interested?  Watch the Ghosts R N.E.A.R. videos on our main Articles page.