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Introduction to EGP

Once you choose to have East Ghost Paranormal investigate, we will be available to you as long as we are needed.   Someone will conduct a lengthy interview to get all the information for us to research property and the types of activities reported.  We arrange a date to investigate based on schedules and need.  


We try to perform investigations when majority of activity happens.  We prefer to do investigations at night at least in part, if for nothing else, because there's  simply less noise as a whole and helps eliminate contamination of evidence.  


EGP does not use a lot of that expensive equipment you see on television.  We may use some but only with very controlled conditions.  We like to use equipment that are less prone to contamination or produce "false positives (article to come soon @ "articles" pages).  Hopefully, we can find natural causes for reported activity which is our main goal.  There are often times when events happen that we can not otherwise explain and we do all we can to document those anomalies.


After the investigation, we review evidence at our home(s).  Since we volunteer our time, this can take 2 or more weeks.  It really depends on the amount of audio, video and photographic data there is to review.   We then meet with you and inform you of any natural causes that can account for reported anomalies and reveal any possible paranormal evidence.  You recieve a copy of all data and possible evidence pieces as well as a full report and research into your property.  


No one can assure you that the activity can be eliminated.  It's just not feasible to claim that since, in reality, we don't know what all this is for certain.  We tend to use terms like "ghosts", "spirits", "UFO's", etc., but with East Ghost Paranormal, these terms are used as way to associate a name to the event/s.  We can, however, present you with various options and even refer specialists.


Again, if you have any questions please contact us.

Believe You're  Experiencing Something Paranormal?

What do you do now?  Here's a few suggestions:


  • The first thing you should do is keep a journal handy.  Have anyone in your home mark down things that happened prior to activity happening.  You should report who observed it, who else was present, time, date, temperature, humidity, moon phase, location, what everyone was doing and even wearing.  This may give you a clue as to what may have caused the activity? This information can be useful to us (or other team) if investigated.


  • Do not attempt any form of communication that you do not fully comprehend (i.e. - Ouija Board, dowsing rods, Tarot cards, etc.)


  • If you feel threatened - be sure to contact a capable paranormal team as soon as possible. Contact EGP.


  • If you are alarmed by or even just curious as to the cause of unexplained activity - contact a reputable paranormal team.  They can provide possible answers whether they be naturally or paranormally caused.  Studying the paranormal is a sort of on-going scientific experiment and any information or documentation we can attain is helpful.


  • Be very careful what you attempt in order to get rid of possible paranormal activity.  Usually, simply claiming the space as your own will work.  All you do is talk aloud and tell "them" to either stay out of the way or leave.  If you (and all occupants) do so with meaning, it usually rids the activity.


  • Do not attempt to "reach out" or establish a connection to the "spirit/ghost/entity".

Contact Us with any questions or concerns you may have!

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Controlling Investigative Techniques...

 East Ghost Paranormal practices the scientific strategy of controlling our "experiment"/investigation.  We can do this in a number of ways.  Basically, we try to get more than one experience or piece documentation happen at the same time. 


It's one thing if we get a singular personal experience or piece of doumentation (pictures with anomalous forms, unexplainable "voices" appear on audio recordings, video of something moving, etc.) but if a couple or few things happen at that time as well, we can begin to question how likely that was all a coincidence. It's a matter of probability.  the more experiences and documented pieces we get, the percentage on their probability of happening together decreases.


We perform EVP recording sessions while trying to get the possible entity to do something else.  If we capture an investigator reacting to a personal experience (chills, feeling ill, being touched, seeing something) as well as an evp - or any combination of the above - on audio or video, then we have more than one event happening.  We also practice a technique when using various audio or meter devices to "converse" with a supposed entity where we ask same questions several times and in various different forms.  We also try to ask "trick" questions. If we get consistant feedback indicating specific results, the percentage of probability decreases. This could indicate a paranormal existence. 


With a previous group, a fellow team member's recorder captured me having problems with my camera (wouldn't work, wouldn't focus).  His recorder also captured a possible male voice that was different from any of us and it seemed to say something like "I jammed the master switch".  Finally, you hear me when I've given up and have been called to the next room.   There, I react to the fact that I no longer had issues with my camera and everything was in focus right off the bat - and was all caught on his recorder.  If it were just the experience of my camera not working, it would have been dismissed as being anything paranormal.  However, with the captured audio, we had possible evidence to present to the client.


There are ways to control photographic or video results.  For photos, we often take a few pictures at a time.  Get them from the same angle.  If you get something unexplained in one of the pics - especially if it appears in the middle of the series, it could (depending on the subject in question) indicate a possible piece of data.  With video, we try to cross-check the cameras  - to capture each camera while taping.  That way, if something unexplainable happens, the viewer can attest that no one was out of view or behind a camera, faking the anomalous event.  


These are examples of things to do.  The important thing to remember is we take measures to control our procedures used during investigations.

Why don't I see many reports of investigations  like I see on other sites?

As of right now, we don't have many cases that we can post a report on due to permissions.  As of now, we have the one investigation report - see "Reports" page under "Investigations" pages.  We strictly respect our clients' wishes or the wishes of public locations that do not want the facts presented in a public forum.