Linda Dantonio Co-Founder, Audio Analysis, Investigator

My interest in the paranormal started as a teenager.  I experienced something that I couldn't explain and remembered how it scared me at the time.  I always questioned myself on what happened that day.  Since then, I married Joe and we have raised a great family.  After seeing the paranormal shows on TV, I became very interested in what those people seemed to be experiencing.  I started researching things on the internet and joined a group here in Central Massachusetts.  I really started fairly skeptical but soon learned that there are obscure events that make me question (constantly) what causes them to happen.  I am truly fascinated with these mysteries and am genuinely interested in helping people with those things they can not explain.  People who know me, will attest to my enthusiasm for helping others and learning all I can.   Over the years, I have made some great friends and contacts in the field and often work with them on investigations.

   I maintain a ooncerned relationship with all our clients and work hard to provide them with the best answers and help (if needed) we possibly can.

Joe Dantonio Co-Founder, Media and Client Relations, Investigator

I grew up not having any paranormal experiences that I can recall but I was introduced to the field by my wife Linda in 2008.  She expressed great interest in the paranormal and she shared some of her past experiences with me that did intrigue me.  We soon began to search out a reputable group so that we could experience paranormal activity, learn investigative skills and understand all the tools of the trade.  While with that group, I did experience quite a few abnormalities/phenomena that I have yet to explain or fully comprehend.  I now understand that "something" unexplainable is out there. That group has since dissintegrated but we have maintained contact with its founder and some of its members.   Our goal is to assemble a team of reputable investigators and paranormal specialists to help bring East Ghost Paranormal to a well repected level in the paranormal community.

Brian Ashley Senior Member, Investigator - on call

I have been interested in the paranormal all of my life. My first experiences began as a young child.  I have experienced many unexplainable events through out New England as well as parts of Europe. I been formally investigation paranormal phenomena since 2002. I have investigated everything from old mental hospitals to private residences. I believe the phenomena to be real and it is my hope that we can one day explain it all.